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So You Want to Hire a Coach

Let’s save time and be perfectly honest.

There’s a good chance you’re not really looking for a life coach. Or a career coach. Or a business or organizational coach.  This isn’t your fault. It’s because a lot of people who call themselves “coaches” are actually consultants of one stripe or another and have settled on coaching as the latest chic title or brand for their resume.  It’s confusing.  In rare cases, intentionally so.

To make matters worse, bookstores and the blogosphere are packed with the latest retitled re-workings of last year’s cutting edge personal development, financial security or business innovation strategy from this or that would be guru touting the collective wisdom of some select bevy of experts while quietly trying to pick our pockets. While coaching us.

So in an effort to bring some focus to your search and some sanity to my inbox, I’m offering the following basics. Do us both a favor and look them over. They should help.  Then contact us. Because the only way to know if we’re a “fit” is to talk.

Real coaching is, after all, a relationship.    

Coaching is...

Coaching is not...

Coaching is about asking questions. It’s about engaging in a process that unlocks answers that are already there if one just knows how to look for them.

Life coaches get paid to ask the kinds of probing questions that friends and family are often afraid to ask. Career coaches get paid to help you clarify where you’re going, where you’re not going, and why. Business and organizational coaches get paid to help you bring your reality into line with your vision…and to ask the kinds of questions that would probably get anyone else fired.

Coaching is about perspective. And clarity. It is about wanting change. It is about seeing what you look like in the future and taking the necessary steps to get there. The coach can help you clarify and hold you accountable, but you need to take the steps. And you need to decide where you want to go and what you’re willing to do.

Coaching is about the goal. It might be a specific short term goal you want to achieve or a change you want to make. It might be a major shift in your life or circumstance.  It might be a change in your business or organization, or a personal or professional development target.  Get a new job. Transform your business model.  Balance your life. Connect with your family. Learn guitar. Start a homeless shelter. Become a sushi chef. Whatever the goal, you get there by developing a strategy and deciding to act, one step at a time.

OneRockStrategix is a strategic coaching process deeply rooted in a framework of timeless biblical wisdom with current real world impact. Yet anyone can benefit without needing to speak or think in “Christianeze”.

Contact us today for a confidential phone interview and see if OneRockStrategix is right for you.

Coaching is not counseling. Coaches are not therapists and are not in the business of “fixing” you.

Coaching is not teaching. It is about learning. Together.

Coaching is not mentoring. If you are looking for an expert in your field to guide you in your professional development, you want a mentor…not a coach.

Coaching is not assignable. You cannot engage a coach on behalf of someone you want to improve. The person being coached needs to want the outcome.  You can’t coerce that desire and the coach can’t create it.

Coaching is not a quick fix. It is a process and the results vary based on the complexity of issues and the follow-through of the person being coached.

A coach is not an employment agency. Your coach is there to guide you in clarifying goals and implementing action steps. Coaches are not there to suggest or procure job interviews, write resume’s, or edit social media profiles. Those are jobs for an employment counselor.

A coach is not a business analyst, brand specialist, networking guru or marketing consultant.  Business and organizational coaches may help you evaluate strategies, but they are your strategies.

You know your business better than anyone. You are the expert. Coaches look at goals and action steps for unlocking your expertise and that of your people. And only you know what you're hearing and thinking...so take your own notes!

Coaching is not about telling you what to do.

Coaching is about helping you to understand the times and know what to do…right where you are.

Coaching Areas from OneRockStrategix

All of our coaching relationships are confidential and are custom tailored to fit your individual situation. As with any true relationship, we recognize that conversations will be dynamic and goals can change with time, understanding and circumstance. That is the essence of an agile life...and it's why you are engaging with us!

The following coaching areas are some suggested starting points for working with OneRockStrategix.

Individual Life Coaching

Personal Life and Transitions Coaching: Moving Ahead and Navigating Change

Personal Trajectory Coaching: Vision, Passion, Strategy and Action
Your Unique Value: The Heart of Real Networking
Life Balance: I Always Wanted to Learn How to Juggle

Individual Career Coaching

Why Do I Want a New Job?
I Want to Change Careers. Where Do I Start?
Networking: What's In It for Me?
Stop Trying to Lead: How to Become an Influencer in Your Field

Organization and Business Coaching

Back to Basics: Why You Do What You Do When and Where You Do It
Five Leadership Types and Why You Need Them All
The Art of Collaboration: Why Teams Often Fail and How to Fix It
Crazy People: Making Room for Innovation

OneRockStrategix 2.0 Group Coaching

Ten week intensive on Understanding the Times and Knowing What to Do

Empowerment Institute and Seven Mountain Alliance

OneRockStrategix, in partnership with the Empowerment Institute and the emerging global Seven Mountain Alliance, offers specialized training and follow-up coaching opportunities for churches, businesses and groups seeking to deepen their impact for God's Kingdom in the various sectors of the marketplace and the public square.
Contact us for more information.