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Pricing and Payment Options

Straight talk.  We need to eat...and pay our bills.  Besides, for some crazy reason, people have a tendency place more value on what they pay for.  We do, however, realize that at times those who would benefit most from OneRockStrategix may not be able to pay full price.  So here's the deal.

We will do our best to price our time with you on a sliding scale based on what you can afford and what we need.  Value for value. 

Whether you're an individual client, an organization, business, or group participant, we have easy online payment options. For more information, CONTACT US. And thanks for helping us keep it simple.

Individual Clients


Coaching appointments with OneRockStrategix are always scheduled on a pre-paid basis. We provide several convenient ways to pre-pay your sessions.  You do not prepay until you have contacted us via the Connecting Page and received a first interview and follow-up confirmation securing a one time or standing appointment. Sorry, but we cannot issue refunds for missed appointments except in the case of bona fide emergencies, and always at our sole discretion.
If you are interested in being a part of one of our ORS 2.0 Groups or are inquiring about group coaching for your business or organization (online or onsite), use our connection portal to request an initial interview and help us get your participation or group effort off to a solid start. Pricing, details and prepayment arrangements will be worked out once you have contacted us via the Connecting Page and secured a spot or scheduled us to visit your site.