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one rock

The Rock is about knowing who you really are.  And it's about how small, sometimes common and seemingly insignificant things can create dramatic and far-reaching results when used with skill, confidence, and clear purpose. 

Sometimes we feel like we're up against insurmountable odds.  At least that's what the self-appointed giants in our world want us to believe. But as far as giants are concerned, maybe we can take a cue from David.  Yes, that David.

Along comes a threatening giant...with a really intimidating track record. And it wasn't even his giant!   Add family members who already thought he was arrogant or crazy or both.  Mix in one duly intimidated and unsupportive crowd.  Sounds like a very good time to just go home quietly, throw some mutton on the grill, and mind your own business.


But David had other plans.  They involved a slingshot and a bag of rocks.  Foolish?  Only to the critics.  He knew some things that they didn't.  He knew who he was.  And he knew that all it would take was one smooth stone to bring down the giant.   Just one. Strategically placed.  At that moment, missing was not even an option. There was no Plan B.  Yes, he had five stones...for five giants.  Goliath and his four brothers.  And he knew.  One rock was all he needed!

What giants need to come down in your life?

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There is a common wisdom which says “change takes time” and “progress is a process”. 

Yes.  True. But...

There is another reality that is at times something quite different, if we are open to it.  A reality where moments of catalytic change can propel us into the next season with startling speed and power, and into a place where purpose, passion, listening, expectancy, clarity, strategy, opportunity and action converge to create a path punctuated by suddenlies which can radically alter our lives...and at times much more!

With this in mind, OneRockStrategix engages individuals, groups, businesses, and other organizations in  uniquely customized confidential coaching relationships.  And beyond.

OneRockStrategix is a unique, forward looking,  customizable framework for a practical process of actionable and accountable evaluation and planning that goes beyond traditional coaching or mentoring.  Because outcomes are influenced by intent and an endgame, perspective matters.

Deeply rooted in clear biblically based distinctives, OneRockStrategix recognizes the complex of influences and challenges that characterize our rapidly changing world.   It provides tools and a process for navigating and engaging that world with maximum clarity, impact and agility.

OneRockStrategix can take you from focal passion and laser-like vision to flexible and informed strategies for effective action.

Whether for yourself, your business, or an organization with which you're involved, connect with us to get started today!



1.  A method or plan designed to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.*

2. The science or art of tactical thinking and action in pursuit of a chosen objective or overall outcome.

*source: www.businessdictionary.com

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MATRIX (noun)

1. The environment, situation or substance within which something originates, develops, or is contained.

2.  A web of inter-related intersecting influences, elements, factors or considerations.

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