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OneRockStrategix 2.0
Group Coaching



I have for many years been involved in research, writing, teaching, project management and consulting, ministry, mentoring, and strategic planning. Along the way, I became engaged in a series of conversations with select advisers and the founders of the Empowerment Coaching Network, focused on bringing together the multiple facets of my own experience along with key best practices from a variety of coaching, planning, and strategic intervention approaches. The hybrid that has emerged is OneRockStrategix , a platform that is, admittedly, not really “pure life coaching”…


What is OneRockStrategix 2.0 ?  I’ll get to that.  But for now, I have another question.


What do tidal waves, fault lines, swans, elephants, onions, maps, ledgers, canaries, DNA and hats have in common?


Answer:  The connection will become apparent in OneRockStrategix 2.0. 


  1. Ten Weeks of Group Coaching (no more than 12 per group)
  2. Live Calls and Web based resources
  3. Commitment of One Hour per Week
  4. Interactive and Collaborative
  5. Participants benefit from and help refine the material and the process


Topical Outline

Why You Feel the Rumbling

Many people are experiencing a growing disquiet and dissatisfaction with “the way things are”.  Both personally and generally.  What is the source of the acute disquiet you are experiencing?  Is it a curse or a gift?  Or both? What are you supposed to do about it?

Passion and the Zone

Living out of the heart, where you are fully engaged, fully present, glad to be alive, where time flies and you live and move with maximum impact.


Discover Your DNA

You don’t design a destiny, you discover it!  Living intentionally starts with understanding your DNA—Your Destiny/Destination, Your Nature, and your specific Anointing or Authority within your sphere of influence.  How do you recognize and enter into the place where the ingredients of your DNA intersect and converge for clarity of purpose and maximum impact?


Time and Times

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize the nature, power, and complexity of influences that make up the fabric of the world in which we live and move.  Even influence how we think and what we feel.  What are the characteristics of our time?  Our epoch?  How do we navigate?  Can we be instrumental, individually and as conscious communities, in bringing about a shift? Learn how specific periods in your life build toward fullness and in a catalytic moment can explosively propel you into your next season.  Isaiah 33:6 promises, “He shall be the stability of your times.”  Recognize the role of The Issachar Effect: Understanding the Times and Knowing What to Do. (Understanding the epoch and the season you are in). 


Eyes Wide Open

Recognizing Catalytic people and Catalytic moments.


Soul Accounting-Martha’s Dilemma

Martha (of Mary and Martha fame) was just trying to do her job.  Be responsible.  Take care of business.  But in the process she was “worried and bothered about so many things…” that she was missing the significance of the moment.  Look at the deposits that have been made in your life; keep what’s of value and discard what’s not.  Allow the fire of God to refine. Apply the 80-20 principle. (see below)


Peeling the Onion

Layers of disappointments, expectations, oughts, and urgencies lay claim to our time and energy; keeping us dazed, confused and often drowning in white noise. 



Endgame matters.  Seeing your face and place in the future is critical to charting your path in the present.  Find your starting point in the process of Shalom…that state where everything fits in its place.  Without Vision, people lose hope and perish.  Vision is life giving.


Blue Tsunami

What if John the Baptist was speaking today?  What would his message sound like? Shaking isn’t always a bad thing.  Where fault lines exist and opposing forces collide, pressure points develop and tectonic energy builds.  When a shift finally occurs, that energy is released and the shaking can destroy foundations and bring down structures.  If the shift is deep and powerful enough, the resulting release may bring a tsunami, washing over and altering whole landscapes, clearing the way for something new.  Blue Ocean Strategy  is a recent book about creativity, innovation, and business “that makes the competition irrelevant.”  The authors discuss ways to take a business or an organization to unique places where there is no competition.  What if forces are building which will bring down structures and alter whole landscapes?  What strategies are needed for a Blue Tsunami?  


Rule 194 For Everything

If you can remember 5 numbers, the sum of which adds up to 194, you will have covered most the tactical challenges you face.  Five numbers…Five.  Those numbers are:


1     THE VALUE OF ONE—One hour…sixty minutes…3600 seconds.  “Could you not tarry 1 hour with me.”  Starting from the position of listening, of rest (part of Shalom is learning how to enter into His rest as our starting point).

20  20% of your activities take 80% of your time and give you 80% of your   headaches.  Another 20% yield 80% of your effective results.  Target activities accordingly.

21  If you want to accomplish a strategic change in behavior or routine, make a conscious effort to consistently practice that behavior or incorporate that change for 21 days.  This is the minimum time it takes for conscious effort to become a desired habit.


72   If you have fresh idea or goal, you need to get it on your calendar and get started acting on it within 72 hours.  Otherwise you probably won’t do it at all.


80  80% of effectiveness comes from 20% of your activities. Where should you be concentrating your attention?  Really.


So 1+20+21+72+80=194  Rule 194 For Everything

Three Square Feet at a Time

Macro and Micro Perspectives—developing meta skills.  Meta skills and their associated perspectives are tools and frameworks that are applicable to both short and long term strategies.  In addition, they are applicable in personal as well as broader corporate and social contexts.  Meta skills are about agility.  Strategies must be fluid and agile when working in a dynamic and rapidly changing world.  And while endgame matters and vision is essential, agility requires that action plans be short term, practical and adjustable. Otherwise, it’s possible to develop an elaborate 5 year plan, only to find within a year that the plan is no longer relevant.


I Want…

There is a lingering tendency in many Christian circles toward a “worm theology” that says, “Try as I might, I’m still fundamentally a worm so I better not trust myself to pursue what I want.  It would be selfish to express it, and even more selfish to pursue it. God probably wants something different so I’ll wait and go with that, whatever it might be.”   Ultimately, this puts God in the position of cosmic  puppeteer, while we act like marionettes…waiting for Him to jerk our strings.  We structure our thought life that makes it suspect to say I want this or that.  But, if we recognize our redeemed nature and move out from a position of rest and listening and awareness of what our zone is, and receive gratefully the vision we’ve been given us and the passion placed within us, then can we trust he will create in us desires we can go with?  Why do we believe God’s will must always be something imposed on us.  Yes, take up your cross and follow him.  You are going to have opposition, but as you resist evil, what do you want?  What desires is he placing in you, where are you going?  And be specific! What do you want to do in the next 5 months?  How can you move into that?  Get focus and that can happen.


Carry the Atmosphere-The other side of empathy 

Empathetic/sensitive people sense burdens and carry them.  They discern fault lines and feel the rumbling.  There is another side to that.  For people with sensitivity, walking where the veils have been peeled back, if you can sense burdens, sense the climate, then to what degree have you been given authority to speak to that and shift the atmosphere? There is a word that proceeds from us.  If we speak this word, we can change the atmosphere.  We sense where the dry bones are. This has serious “on earth as it is in heaven” implications.”

It's Time

Many of you reading this have been waiting for a strategic opportunity.  You have sensed the growing disquiet, and yet know that you are wired and purposed for “such a time as this.” The launch of this Beta project is as much a challenge to myself as it is to you.  I am committing to take this material and this process and open it to a community of people who will benefit from it, each in their own way and as a group as well.  A community of people drawn by a desire for MORE, and eager to engage in a collaborative experiment with explosive potential. 


I believe that anyone who joins and engages in one of these  groups will emerge a different person.  The value gained and the value given will be unique for each.  But for each:

Greater Clarity in Your Vision

Greater Alignment with Your Passion

Greater Understanding of Your DNA

Greater Confidence in Your Purpose

Greater Discernment in Your World

Greater Focus on Your Path

Greater Treasure in Relationships

Greater Impact in Your Sphere

Greater Joy in Your Life


I’m committing to do this because it’s time!  I’m inviting you to join me for the same reason.  Could this be your tipping point?  Your next catalytic moment?  It’s time.


Bonus Topics

Bonus: Don’t Annoy The Elephant…The Essential Skill of Chaordic Collaboration

Bonus Two: Speaking in Tongues At Starbucks

Bonus Three: Unless You Live Alone in a Cave, You Are an Influencer! (Seeing and Understanding Your Circles of Impact)

Bonus Three: Tipping Points And Cities of Refuge—Zechariah’s Communities of Wonder



The price for participation in a Beta Group is deeply discounted from standard coaching/consulting rates.  The entire ten week series, including all online support materials and forum access, plus two one-on-one coaching sessions, is just $229 per person.  Individual groups are scheduled and begin meeting based on registrations and available time slots.

Send no money now. Simply register your interest in the group coaching process through the link below and we'll follow up with options as various groups are formed and scheduled.